Tales of a Time Traveler and Living under the Dragon King

Tales of a Time Traveler and Living under the Dragon King

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Living under the Dragon King - 4 years in Bhutan

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The author's trusty, but somewhat rusty Tauru model time machine visits forgotten mining towns, lost railway stations and century-old trails. He explores the ghosts of the past, unlocks the secrets of the forbidden city of Kitsault and finds traditional ways in native settlements and fish camps.
While visiting misty mountains and remote lakes in the clouds, the author finds old cabins and meets descendants of the early pioneers who built an amazing life in these rugged places. The masters and their disciples still take care in maintaining beloved cabins hidden in an inaccessible wilderness.
With a swift jump through space the Time Machine continues its journey to the ancient civilizations of the Kingdom of Sikkim, the Queen of the Himalayas and the Land of the Thunder Dragon ruled by the Druk Gyalpo.
For more photos from the North, please visit the flickr site:
and trail descriptions are found on http://trailpeak.com at the author’s blog:

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